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CCRI Foundation Scholarships

Did you know that each year there are more than 100 scholarships available to help you pursue your education at CCRI?

Through the generosity of our individual and corporate donors, the CCRI Foundation and the Alumni Association offers scholarships for both full and part-time students. Scholarships can help cover tuition, books, fees and other education related expenses. Last year, the CCRI Foundation and Alumni Association provided more than $600,000 in financial assistance to CCRI students.

Financial Aid Office

Link to Advising and Counseling

The CCRI Foundation scholarship application for spring opens November 1!

Scholarships are awarded based on the quality of your application. In your application, it is important to present a compelling story and to write that story in a clear, well-written manner. Use spell-check and grammar check before submitting. Do not copy and paste an answer to one question in the application as the answer to another question. Doing so means you have not answered either question well. Consider seeking assistance from CCRI’s Writing Center, if needed. 

If you need help with resume writing, you can find tips through our Career Services office here.

Some tips as you complete your application: be thorough, be honest, be proactive, be deligent, and be on time.

Before you apply

You must be enrolled at the Community College of Rhode Island to apply for CCRI Foundation scholarships. Your MyCCRI email address and password are your login information needed to log into AwardSpring.

If you are applying for scholarships that are based on financial need, you must have filed for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you need assistance with FAFSA, contact the CCRI Financial Aid Office or Rhode Island Student Loan Authority.

If you are a Rhode Island Promise, COVID Recovery Finish and Fresh Start student, these scholarships are considered "last-dollar" scholarship programs. These "last-dollar" scholarships cover any tuition gaps that are not covered by all federal state and private grants/scholarships and are paid after all other financial aid resources have been awarded. If you receive a CCRI Foundation scholarship, this will reduce your funding from any and all "last-dollar" scholarship programs that you may qualify for. 

How to apply

Applying is easy! During an open application period, just log into AwardSpring using your MyCCRI email and password.

AwardSpring gives you easy access to a list of current CCRI Foundation scholarships and application deadlines. AwardSpring easily guides you through the application process and matches you to scholarships that you qualify for. You can check the status of your application at any time in AwardSpring.

AwardSpring offers a user-friendly application process for students. Please review the application materials and instructions before you begin. (Student Guide)


The scholarship application for the spring semester will close at midnight on January 1, 2024.

Need help?

If you have been accepted to CCRI for the upcoming semester and have not received your username and password or have misplaced your information, please contact CCRI help desk at 401-825-1112 or [email protected].

If you are having troubles accessing AwardSpring, please contact Robin McDuff, Coordinator, Institutional Advancement at 401-333-7348 or [email protected].

For AwardSpring technical assistance, email [email protected] or phone 888-258-5628, option 2.

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