Tuition Appeals Committee

Until further notice, all Staff are working remotely. All Tuition Appeal questions should be sent to We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work remotely.


Tuition Appeals are for students who are requesting a refund or balance waiver of their tuition charges due to extenuating circumstances preventing attendance that occurred during a given term.  Students who complete their coursework and earn valid final grades cannot submit a tuition appeal for a balance waiver or tuition refund.  All grades received and recorded on the students transcripts will not be affected by this process and will remain as part of the student’s academic record.

The Tuition Appeals Committee will consider requests for adjustments to tuition charges when a student can document extenuating circumstances such as: (Please review the Tuition Appeal Guidelines )

  • Student illness or injury during the semester - must include physician verification clearly indicating an inability to attend
  • Illness of immediate family member for whom you provided care (parent, child, spouse, sibling or grandparent) during the semester - must include physician verification of dates of illness and need of a care giver
  • Death of immediate family member (parent, child, spouse, sibling or grandparent) during the semester - documentation must clearly show relationship
  • Military deployment during the semester - must include copy of orders
  • Change in employment schedule beyond students control - must include employer verification of date, days, and times of new schedule and reason for change
  • Verifiable error of CCRI - Provide a detailed account of the problem and relevant documents on College letterhead from the College Office involved or advisor indicating that incorrect information was given by a College representative
  • Other : Provide a detailed explanation of the situation and include all relevant documentation.
  • COVID-19 related issue : - loss of income (provide employer verification or proof filed for UE benefits), increase in work hours (provide employer verification), loss of child care or assisting school age children with their online learning (provide copy of child's birth certificate)

In all cases, the situation must have interrupted your ability to:

  1. Adhere to the standard drop procedures
  2. Attend class(es) for a substantial length of time
  3. Complete the semester

Examples of reasons not accepted are:

  • Appealing for non-refundable registration fees
  • Voluntary employment change
  • Class assignments not met (see Department Chair)*
  • Issues between the student and the instructor (see Department Chair)*
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Unaware of drop schedule
  • Non attendance
  • Didn’t like the instructor, their teaching methods, or the course for which you registered
  • Incorrect course advising recommendations provided by “other” college
  • Instructor says they will take care of it. Student is responsible for changes to his/her schedule

Students who do not meet the above criteria or who cannot document their mitigating circumstances may qualify for the Second Chance program. [Learn More about Second Chance]

* Please note: If your circumstance is due to an issue with the instructor, curriculum or class instruction methods, please visit with your instructor, Department Chairperson or the appropriate Academic Dean over your circumstance before attempting this process. Appeals for this reason MUST be accompanied by a refund recommendation letter from either the Department Chairperson or appropriate Dean. Grade assignments and other academic issues are not within the scope of these procedures and are addressed in the Student Handbook.

Students should be aware that if a Tuition Appeal is submitted and they are a Financial Aid recipient, their Financial Aid may be impacted and they may potentially owe CCRI money. It is strongly suggested you meet with a Financial Aid Representative before you file a Tuition Appeal.

The committee meets twice a month on Thursday morning. Appeals must be received in the office by 2:00pm the day before in order to be heard the following morning. Appeals received after 2:00pm will be held over for the next scheduled meeting.

scheduled committee meetings
February 6  May 28  September 17
February 20  June 11   October 8
March 5  June 25  October 22 
March 19  July 9  November 5 
April 2  July 23  November 19 
April 16  August 6  December 3 
April 30  August 20  December 17 
May 14  September 3   

Students will receive a written response via email within a two-week period after the committee makes their final decision. Decisions will not be given over the phone.

Tuition Refund/Waiver Appeals Process

  1. Review the Tuition Appeal Guidelines
  2. Complete the Tuition Appeal Form - Google file (requires a gmail account) [Tuition Appeal Form - PDF file*]
  3. Compose and attach an appeal letter explaining your situation, be specific, give details, state your case clearly .
  4. Attach the necessary documentation to support your claim. Documentation MUST be dated for within the term in question.
  5. NOTE: Incomplete appeals will be denied. Appeals without a letter of explanation will be denied. Appeals written "on behalf of" the student will not be accepted.

Submit all the above mentioned documents to:

*The Committee cannot be responsible for appeals that are submitted on other campuses or to other departments. Appeals MUST be submitted to the above email address*

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