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Teaching and Assessment Committee (TAC)

During an academic year, the Teaching and Assessment Committee evaluates the Academic Program Reviews for four to six academic programs. Each program is required to complete the process every five years.

The Academic Program Review (APR) is a process intended to assist each academic program in fulfilling its mission and that of the college. While non-externally accredited programs complete the college's internal Academic Program Review template, externally accredited programs submit their self-studies in lieu of the internal document. The APR process is distinctly different from the Annual Academic Program Report (AAPR); however, the annual reports will inform the development of the Academic Program Review that is submitted for review.

The APR process is in alignment with the college's Academic Program Review Policy and is meant to be collaborative, involving program directors, faculty, and divisional deans. The scope of the Academic Program Review includes:

  • Section I: Mission and Target Population
  • Section II: Curriculum
  • Section III: Assessment of Program and Concentration Outcomes
  • Section IV: Assessment of Course Outcomes and Core Competencies
  • Section V: Other Measures of Program Performance
  • Section VI: Resources
  • Section VII: Program Review Summary
  • Section VIII: Program Faculty Endorsement and/or Comments