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General Education Committee

The CCRI General Education Committee was established to help CCRI fulfill the General Education requirements of the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

NECHE Standards for The Academic Program

Undergraduate Degree Programs

4.15 Graduates successfully completing an undergraduate program demonstrate competence in written and oral communication in English; the ability for scientific and quantitative reasoning, for critical analysis and logical thinking; and the capability for continuing learning, including the skills of information literacy. They also demonstrate knowledge and understanding of scientific, historical, and social phenomena, and a knowledge and appreciation of the aesthetic and ethical dimensions of humankind.

General Education

4.16 The general education requirement is coherent and substantive. It reflects the institution’s mission and values and embodies the institution’s definition of an educated person and prepares students for the world in which they will live.  The requirement informs the design of all general education courses, and provides criteria for its evaluation, including the assessment of what students learn.

4.17 The general education requirement in each undergraduate program ensures adequate breadth for all degree-seeking students by showing a balanced regard for what are traditionally referred to as the arts and humanities, the sciences including mathematics, and the social sciences. General education requirements include offerings that focus on the subject matter and methodologies of these three primary domains of knowledge as well as on their relationships to one another.

4.18 The institution ensures that all undergraduate students complete at least the equivalent of 40 semester credits in a bachelor's degree program, or the equivalent of 20 semester credits in an associate's degree program in general education.

From: NECHE Standards for Accreditation (Effective January 1, 2021)