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Developmental Education Committee

Purpose: As a comprehensive community college, CCRI is dedicated to assisting students who want and need to develop strong basic academic skills necessary for success in college-level work. The Developmental Education Advisory Group, through regular meetings, provides expertise and advice to continually improve the college's efforts in developmental education.

Mission: CCRI is committed 1) to enrolling students at their entering level of achievement and 2) to helping them be successful in a curriculum of their choice. Developmental Education is designed to help students enhance their chances for academic success by providing opportunities for skill development through courses and programs designed to improve basic skills in writing, reading and mathematics.

Outcomes (Goals)
  1. Developmental students will be assessed and advised for placement in the appropriate developmental courses.

  2. Developmental students will be enrolled in the appropriate developmental courses.

  3. Developmental students will be retained in their developmental courses.

  4. Developmental students will pass their developmental courses.

  5. Developmental students will persist in their coursework.

  6. Developmental students will demonstrate student learning outcomes in writing, math and reading by passing developmental courses.

  7. Developmental students will be satisfied with their developmental coursework.
  • Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (chair)
  • Assistant Dean for Student Success
  • The Tutoring Center Coordinators
  • Coordinator/ESL/English Department
  • Coordinator/Reading/English Department
  • Coordinator/Writing/English Department
  • Coordinator/Developmental Math
  • Dean of Assessment and Student Development
  • Assistant Dean of Assessment and Student Development
  • Enrollment Services Representative
  • Financial Aid Representative
  • Lifelong Learning Representative/Literacy
  • Career Services Representative
  • Additional Faculty Representation (i.e. Biology/Chemistry)
  • Student Athlete Academic Support Program (SAASP) Coordinator