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EasyPay is an interest-free monthly payment plan available to all students who meet the payment-plan criteria regardless of financial need. CCRI offers EasyPay for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

By paying monthly through current income and savings, you limit borrowing and keep the overall cost of education down. Because it is not a loan, there is no interest charged. Registration is simple and handled completely through the college's Bursar's Office. The only additional cost to the student is a $30 enrollment fee per semester. Students must have a minimum account balance of $300 to enroll.

  • Spread tuition payments equally over the course of the semester
  • No additional credit card fees for payment plan payments. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted as well as electronic check payments (ACH).
  • Your account information is now in one easy to find location, in your MyCCRI account under the "My Account" tab.
  • Make payments online (phone payments are not permitted).
  • Your payment plan amounts are updated daily to reflect any changes made to your bill.
  • EasyPay enrollment will be handled completely online. This ensures accurate registration and protects your classes from being dropped.
  • All bills and payment plan notifications are sent automatically to your MyCCRI email account.


Fall 2023 EasyPay Options:

5-Month Payment Plan:

* 5-Month Payment Plan available from July 2, 2023 through August 4, 2023.
* Five Easy Payments (downpayment + 4 monthly installments)
       Downpayment (due upon enrollment) = 1/5 total bill + $30 Payment Plan Setup Fee 
       Installment 1 due September 1st
       Installment 2 due October 1st
       Installment 3 due November 1st
       Final Installment due December 1st

4-Month Payment Plan: 

* 4-Month Payment Plan available from August 5, 2023 through September 11, 2023.
* Four Easy Payments (downpayment + 3 monthly installments)
       Downpayment (due upon enrollment) = 1/4 total bill + $30 Payment Plan Setup Fee 
       Installment 1 due October 1st
       Installment 2 due November 1st
       Final Installment due December 1st

3-Month Payment Plan: 

* Payment Plan available from September 12, 2023 through October 13, 2023

* Three Easy Payments (downpayment + 2 installments)
       Downpayment (due upon enrollment) = 1/3 total bill + $30 Payment Plan Setup Fee 
       Next Installment due November 1st
       Final Installment due December 1st


The down payment (first month's payment) of the payment plan plus the $30.00 enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Late payments will result in a $20 late fee being added to your account.

Past due balances cannot be budgeted on the payment plan. Any past due balance indicated on your school bill must be paid to CCRI directly. Personal checks cannot be accepted for past due balances.