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Communication, Media and Film

"Do something you love, cause then you'll never work a day in your life." -Jacqueline Lee '20

You have a passion for telling stories, creating media, arguing a position, and reporting on events; you are a maker! Framing an image, fashioning a story, creating for the web, branding with social media, communicating in innovative ways, and producing visuals come naturally to you. You are creative and driven, and desire to forge a path through the creation of media. Whether communication, film, media, or journalism, you will find a career in the Communication, Media and Film path!

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    CCRI Academic and Career Paths iconThe Academic and Career Paths are the main body of CCRI's guided pathways implementation. The goal of guided pathways at CCRI is to remove or reduce barriers that stand in the way of students meeting their personal, economic, and career goals while heavily focusing on closing equity gaps within our college community.

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