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Business, Economics and Data Analytics

You are organized, a leader, and a collaborator who works well with others to accomplish your goals. You know the importance of selling, promoting, and using data to achieve your objectives. From accounting to marketing, finance to management, or general business, you will find a fulfilling career in the Business, Economics and Data Analytics path.


Degrees and Certificates in this Path

URI JAA Related to this Path (JAA Information)
Programs Degree
Business Administration: Accounting, Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, General Business Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, International Business (includes a BA in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, or Italian) B.S.
Computer Science B.A. or B.S.
Economics B.A.
Economics (Applied) B.S.
Textile Marketing B.S.
RIC JAA Related to this Path (JAA Information)
Programs Degree
Accounting B.S.
Computer Science B.A. or B.S.
Economics B.S.
Finance B.S.
Management: General, Human Resources, Operations B.S.
Marketing B.S.
Four-year program-to-program transfer agreements
Institution Program Degree Type
Bryant University General Business - Business Administration B.S.B.A.  
  General Studies - Business Administration B.S.B.A.  
Castleton University Accounting - Accounting B.S.  
  Financial Services - Management B.S.  
  General Business - Management B.S.   
  Management - Management B.S.  
  Marketing - Marketing B.S.  
Charter Oak State College Business - Accounting - Business Administration B.S.  
  Financial Services - Business Administration B.S.  
  General - Business Administration B.S.  
  Management - Business Administration B.S.  
  Marketing - Business Administration B.S.  
Excelsior College Financial Services - Business - Finance Concentration B.S.  
  General Business - General Business B.S.  
  Management - General Business  B.S.  
  Marketing - Business - Marketing Concentration B.S.  
Johnson & Wales University General Business - Accounting B.S.  
  General Business - Business Administration B.S.  
  General Business - Finance B.S.  
  General Business - Management B.S.  
  General Business - Marketing B.S.  
  General Business - Entrepreneurship B.S.B.A.  
  General Business - Human Resource Management B.S.B.A.  
  General Business - International Business B.S.B.A.   
  General Business - Operations & Supply Chain Management B.S.B.A.   
  General Business - Organizational Risk/Cyber Security Management
New England Institute of Technology Business Management Technology B.S.  
Nichols College General Business - Accounting  B.S.B.A.  
  General Business - Criminal Justice Management  B.S.B.A.  
  General Business - General Business  B.S.B.A.  
  General Business - Hospitality Management B.S.B.A.  
  General Business - Other majors B.S.B.A.  
Providence College General Business - Leadership Development B.A.  
  General Business - Professional Studies B.A.  
  General Studies - Leadership Development B.A.  
  General Studies - Professional Studies B.A.  
Salve Regina University Accounting - Accounting B.S.  
  General Business - Business Administration B.S.  
  General Business - Health Care Admin/Management B.S.  
  Marketing - Marketing B.S.  
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Accounting - Accounting B.S.  
  Management - Management Organizational Leadership B.S.  
  Management - Management - Small Business/Entrepreneurship
  Marketing - Marketing B.S.  

An ASSOCIATE degree from this path helps students begin careers such as:

  • Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks
  • Human Resources assistants, except payroll and timekeeping
  • Insurance appraisers, auto damage
  • Medical records and health information technicians
  • Medical transcriptionists

A BACHELOR'S degree enables students to begin careers such as:

  • Accountants and auditing
  • Administrative services managers
  • Advertising and promotions managers
  • Budget analysts
  • Financial examiners
  • Human Resources managers

Check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information, including salaries, on a career in Business, Economics and Data Analytics.