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Online Learning

CCRI's online learning courses are different from on-campus courses only in the delivery method. The content and rigor are the same.

  • Online courses will have a section code in the 600s and a meeting time of "Meets Online."
  • Hybrid courses (where some class time is replaced with online activities, but not all) have a section code in the 700s and a meeting time of "Meets on Campus and Online."

To see what courses are available hybrid or online:*

  • Go to the online Registration page
  • Select "Course Search" and your term of interest
  • Choose the department and course(s) you are interested in
  • Select Distance Learning from the campus list and Submit

Search Courses

*In online courses, 80-100% of the class instruction is delivered online. They may require up to three (3) on-campus meetings and on-campus proctored tests. Your instructor will contact you with the dates of any on-campus requirements prior to the start of the course.

Getting Started with Blackboard

Online learning at CCRI runs on Blackboard. It's the core technology we use to deliver courses.

There are multiple resources to help you jump start your online courses at CCRI. Check out the resources below to help you learn the Blackboard Learning Management System.

This interactive module will provide you with an overview of online learning at CCRI to familiarize you with terminology, policies, procedures, resources, and expectations that will contribute to your success this semester. Try out the Online Learning Orientation.

Download this helpful guide to quickly learn how to log on and navigate Blackboard. Download the Blackboard Quick Start Guide for Students. Or watch a video which walks you through all the basics of Blackboard.

Looking for more detailed instructions on Blackboard?  Check out the video and resource list from the Center of Instruction & Technology (CIT).