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Welcome to the Student Success Center

Online Tutoring and Academic Coaching


Tutoring helps students learn course material for a specific class. Tutors provide students with clarification of course concepts and practice with course materials in an informal self-paced and self-directed learning environment. A tutor’s job is to help students become an independent learner, not to do the student’s homework! Tutors help students understand basic class concepts by asking lots of questions until the student discovers the answer on his or her own. Please read the directions on how to schedule appointments through Starfish.


Please consider making an appointment to speak with an academic coach who will help you develop or improve your learning and time management strategies with a special focus on learning online. Go to your Starfish Success Network and locate the Academic Coaching & Study Strategy Workshops profile and click on the schedule link to book an appointment.

Academic Coaching & Study Strategy Workshops

Academic coaching helps students discover how to learn! An academic coach works individually with students to examine their academic concerns and perceived barriers to success in school. These coaches provide support in areas such as transitioning to online classes, time management, overcoming procrastination, effective textbook reading, note taking skills, and test taking study strategies. Use Starfish to schedule your appointment.

Additional Online Learning Resources

Student Success Center Mission Statement

The Student Success Center provides academic assistance through tutoring services; coordinate information and referrals to college resources; seek ways to improve student satisfaction and retention; facilitate New Student Welcome Day sessions and help students achieve their goals. Student Success Center staff members help students understand their individual learning needs, develop better study habits and behaviors, and create plans to achieve their goals.


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