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What is DUO and why do I need it?

DUO is an authentication app on your cell phone that will verify your identity when signing onto specific applications that need to be kept secure. Multi-Factor authentication happens all around us in our daily lives, you sign into Google and you receive a verification text, or you sign into your iCloud account and you receive a popup on another one of your apple devices asking "Is this you?"

CCRI is implementing DUO to protect our most valuable resources- our community and our data. Adding these protections may seem inconvenient at first, but will quickly become routine. 

How does DUO work?

If you have not already received a Help Desk ticket asking you to install DUO, you can request DUO by going to the bottom of any webpage and choosing "IT HelpDesk", from the popup window choose "Submit IT Request", at the top of the page type in "DUO" (as shown) and choose "Request Multi-factor Authentication."


DUO Search Example

This will open the "Request Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO) page.

Scroll down the page to choose "Request Service" 

A page will be displayed as pictured below. You will need to fill in the information highlighted in yellow-  Phone number is the Cell phone number of the phone you will be using with DUO. Summary: DUO Enrollment, Description: I need to enroll in DUO.  *If you are creating a ticket for someone else- change the requestor from your name to their name.  The Requestor needs to be the person installing DUO not a manager or supervisor. Once completed select "Request."

DUO ticket example

Time to install the DUO Mobile app

Now that you have created the request, the next step is to install DUO Mobile on your cell phone from the app store. This is not installed on a desktop, laptop, or tablet; DUO is only installed on 1 device, your cell phone.

You don't want to install DUO on your cellphone? I understand you may be wondering just what DUO/CCRI is actually doing, tracking, or monitoring on your phone. DUO is an authentication app to protect your account; CCRI cannot track or monitor you through this application; click here to read DUO Mobile's privacy information DUO Mobile Privacy Information.

Hopefully all of your questions/concerns have been addressed and you have downloaded the app! 

At this point you STOP.  You cannot use the DUO app until you have been added to CCRI's DUO database.  So you download the app, close the app, and move to the next step.

Notify CCRI the DUO Mobile is installed

Remember that HelpDesk Ticket you created, or perhaps was created on your behalf by IT or your supervisor? Open the ticket from your email. You will see a box on the right hand side "DUO Installation Confirmed" Click on "Installed" to signal CCRI that you are ready for the activation link; DUO Mobile must already be installed on your cell phone before clicking this link!  A comment box will open, if your phone number was not included or was incorrect, you can add it here. If you want to type "App installed" as an extra confirmation, it would be appreciated! Click Save and then exit the ticket. 

DUO Installed Box

Activating DUO

Once you have completed the above steps CCRI's IT department will work diligently to get you enrolled into the DUO system. You will receive a text message on the cell phone number you provided to complete the install.  Once you receive this text message it is imperative that you finish the install or you will be unable to access pertinent applications. There will be a total of two text messages, one will have further instructions to complete the install, and the other will be the activation link. 

Need Help?  

If you have issues completing the install please contact the helpdesk via phone 401-825-1112. Thank you and safe computing!