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Retirement Benefits Summary

Health Coverage (all employees)

When an employee retires, he/she is entitled to keep the present health care, dental, and vision coverage under COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Resolution Act) for 18 months. This act allows the retiree and spouse, if necessary, to pay the State's active group rate, plus a 2% administration fee, in order to maintain continuance of coverage.

Retiree Health Coverage

BOE employees

At age 65, retirees and/or spouses eligible for Medicare are required to enroll with a Medicare Supplemental Plan, and enroll with Part A and B of Medicare from Social Security. If you are eligible for Medicare Part A and do not enroll in Medicare Part B, you may not enroll in a state retirement health plan.

Medicare is available to you once you turn 65 if you contributed to Social Security for 40 quarters. You may also be eligible for Medicare if you have been disabled for two years and are under age 65. Please contact the Social Security Administration Office at 401-528-4501 or 800-772-1213 for more information. You may also want to visit the Social Security Administration's Web Site at:


(You must have Medicare Parts A & B to enroll in these plans.)

BlueCHiP for Medicare - $276.00 per month, individual only
HealthMate Coast-to-Coast - $316.00 per month, individual only
Plan65 G Medicare Supplement - $200.43 per month, individual only

  • BlueCHiP  - This plan offers medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage. It is a Rhode Island-based HMO-POS. A primary care physician (PCP) is required. This plan is not available to those retirees who live outside of Rhode Island.
  • HealthMate Coast-to-Coast - This plan offers medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage and is a Nationwide plan. 
  • Plan 65 - This plan offers medical coverage only. No dental, vision or prescription drug coverage is included in this plan.

Click here for a Plan Comparison Chart 2024.

Post-65 Cost Sharing
Years of Service Employer's Share Employee's Share
10-15 50% 50%
16-19 70% 30%
20-27 90% 10%
28+ 100% 0%


Classified Employees

Classified State Employees must participate in the Employee's Retirement System of Rhode Island (ERSRI). More information can be found here.

Life Insurance (all employees)

The value of life insurance is based upon the value at age 65. This is called the Frozen Valuation. If an employee retires before age 65, the current salary (rounded up to the next $1,000.00) is the Frozen Valuation.

At retirement, the employee is eligible to keep up with the premiums on Basic coverage only, billed on an annual basis.

  • The value at age 65 will drop to 76% of the Frozen Valuation
  • age 66, value drops to 52%
  • age 67, value drops to 28%
  • age 68, value drops to 25% and will never get any lower