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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

CCRI cares about the health and well being of its employees and recognizes that a variety of personal problems can disrupt their personal and work lives.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free service available as a benefit to all state employees, their dependents, and household members. It is a confidential, professional resource for persons needing information, assessment, and referral to counseling or other resources within their community.

EAP is strictly confidential and is designed to safeguard the employee's privacy and rights. EAP does not report the identity of participants to management. The employee's call remains strictly confidential. EAP maintains strict adherence to the state and federal laws that govern the confidentiality of medical records.

There is no cost for employees to consult with an EAP case manager. If further services are necessary, the case manager will match the employee up with the most appropriate resource in the employee's community, taking into consideration the particular medical benefit package, financial status, or any other situations that may affect the employee's action plan.

For more information, or to access this benefit, contact EAP at 1-866-248-4094, or log on to Access code: RhodeIsland.

To learn more, visit the State of Rhode Island's Employee Assistance Program web page at