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Group Legal Insurance

CCRI employees may opt to purchase legal coverage. Hyatt Legal Plan uses a national network of attorneys to assist individuals with legal questions or problems including but not limited to: adoptions, defendant civil action, estate administration and estate closing, guardianship/conservatorship, juvenile court proceedings, matrimonial matters, motor vehicle license suspension, and wills/trusts.

Hyatt Legal Plan covers the employee as well as his/her spouse and eligible dependents up to age 19, or if full-time student, less than age 23 if family coverage is selected. If a network attorney is selected, 100% coverage is available for most covered matters. If a non-network attorney is chosen, the employee is responsible for fees in excess of the scheduled benefits.

Once Hyatt Legal Plan coverage is initiated, it may not be canceled for a period of one year. Open enrollment for Hyatt Legal Plan is held annually.

Click here for more information on the Group Legal Service Plan

Visit the Hyatt Legal Plan's website click on “Thinking About Enrolling?” and enter password 7580001 for the Single Plan and 7590001 for the Family Plan