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Bargaining Committee

Member Input

Any CCRIPSA member who has suggestions for additions and/or clarification to the contract's language, please feel free to contact a Bargaining Committee member.

Bargaining Committee members for contract starting July 2021
    Name E-mail  
    Jude Tomasino, President, Committee Chairperson [email protected]  
    John Araujo, 1st Vice President [email protected]  
    Cindy Arce, Secretary [email protected]  
    Melissa Braun, Area Rep [email protected]  
    Mike Daley, Area Rep [email protected]  
    Akintola (Wale) Fayanjoula, Area Rep [email protected]  
    John D. Vota, Treasurer [email protected]  
    Deborah Watson, 2nd Vice President [email protected]  

Article V, Section 2

The Bargaining Committee draws its authority from the Executive Committee and is empowered to negotiate contracts.

  1. The Bargaining Committee shall consist of the President and, whenever possible,members as specified in Article V, Section 1, but not to exceed eight (8) members.
  2. The Bargaining Committee shall solicit recommendations for contract negotiations from the general membership.
  3. The Committee members shall elect the Committee chairperson.