CCRI Professional Staff Association

CCRI Professional Staff Association

CCRIPSA Constitution and Bylaws
Article II, Purpose and Objectives

Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide for the general welfare and equitable representation of its members.

Section 2. To promote within the group the highest type of professional practices; to encourage active participation of all in the solution of mutual problems; to urge every member of the Association to be a continuing student of professionalism.

Section 3. To enable members to speak with an equitable and common voice on matters pertaining to their individual and common interests and views before representative legal authorities.

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CCRIPSA Officers

Jude Tomasino
Tel: 401-333-7317

John Araujo
First Vice-President
Tel: 401-825-2099

Deborah Watson
Second Vice-President
Tel: 401-851-1637

John D. Vota
Tel: 401-825-1445

Stephanie Cruz


John D. Vota
Website Content Manager
Tel: 401-825-1445

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