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Implementation Team

Implementing a new chart of accounts is an enormous task, one that is extremely important given the financial challenges the college is currently facing. I want to thank our colleagues, who faced the assignment head-on and worked tirelessly, even during their evenings and weekends, to develop and deliver this improvement initiative. I could not possibly express enough gratitude for all that they have accomplished individually and as a team, and I am humbled to have been a participant. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project and special appreciation to the people below:

  • Anne Anderson
  • Peter Bardsley
  • Michael Bartholomy
  • Jeanne Bondarevskis
  • Stephanie Cabral
  • Michael Cherry
  • Pam Christman
  • Bill Ferland
  • Lisa Fontes
  • Kent Gates
  • Sam Greene
  • Shaune Hogan
  • Ray Karasek
  • Annmarie McMahon
  • Terri-Ann Milligan
  • Lawrence NFOR
  • Adam Paul
  • Beth Peckham
  • Dave Rawlinson
  • Paul Rylander
  • Sue Turcotte
  • Suzette Ward
  • Chris Weiss