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Connect with Starfish

CCRI is dedicated to helping all students meet their academic goals.

What is Starfish?

Starfish is a platform that creates a network of communication between faculty, students, and student services staff to support student success. Starfish provides a central location to connect students to the people and services that can help them be successful. All students and faculty currently enrolled in courses have access to Starfish through the CCRI Home page Login or through MyCCRI.

How Starfish Helps Faculty:

  • Find information quickly and conveniently about your students along with resources to make a difference.
    Easily share concerns with the appropriate people to make an instant impact on a student's success.
    Track the flags to see which staff members are working with the student and if/how the flag was resolved.

Starfish Resources and Tutorials for Faculty and Advisors

How Starfish helps Students:

  • Students will know right away when there is a concern about their performance.
    Receive encouraging messages from faculty and staff who recognize their hard work.
    Communicate easily with advisors, instructors, and other support services staff to get answers to questions.

Starfish Tutorials for Students