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Policies and Procedures

The process of implementing reasonable accommodations is a shared responsibility that requires ongoing communication and teamwork between the student, DSS and the faculty. In order to receive accommodations, students should follow the following process:

Self-Identify With DSS and Submit Documentation of Disability

Students with a documented disability who would like to utilize accommodations for their courses and/or program must self-identify with the Office of Disability Services for Students (DSS) at CCRI.  They can connect with the DSS Office via the  New Student Application at any point in the semester or their college career.  

Once the application has been submitted and the disability documentation is reviewed, the DSS Coordinator will schedule an intake meeting to develop an accommodation plan through the interactive process.   

Request Reasonable Accommodations

After completing the intake meeting, the student is considered registered with DSS and will need to request their accommodations each semester.  By requesting the accommodations through the Accommodate system, the student makes their accommodation letter, with approved accommodations, available to their professors for each semester.   

The student should follow up with each professor to ensure that they have accessed their accommodations through Accommodate and to discuss how they will be implemented in each respective class.   

What Should Students Do If They Do Not Receive the Accommodations they Request? 


If an agreement about reasonable accommodation cannot be reached, the following steps should be followed: 

The student or College member should contact the DSS Coordinator on their campus to review an accommodation decision. The DSS Coordinator will attempt to facilitate a mutually acceptable accommodation agreement. 

If no acceptable agreement can be reached, the request for reconsideration will be forwarded to the Director of Accessibility, Inclusion & Disability Services. The Director will attempt to facilitate a mutually acceptable accommodation by discussion with the student, the professor, department chair, and the Academic Dean of the respective department as needed. 

If no acceptable agreement is reached at this level, the issue will be forwarded to the Dean of Students. The Dean will review the information, request additional information if necessary, and make a final decision. Dean will transmit a decision to the student, the College member and the Program Director of Disability Services for Students. 

Those who believe that they have been discriminated against based on disability by a faculty or staff member should report the matter to the Asst. Director Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity ADA/Section 504 & Title IX Coordinator 

DSS Department of Corrections Policies and Procedures