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DSS / RI Promise FAQs

RI Promise Scholarship Program Accommodation Determination Process

Full-Time Status Determination Process

The RI Promise Scholarship Program requires students to enroll full-time. All students are strongly encouraged to take 15 credits each semester to earn the required 30 credits each year. Some students with documented disabilities may be eligible to take a reduced course load while maintaining full-time status. Students who are approved for full-time status with a reduced course load, may be exempted from the earned 30 credit per year requirement, provided they comply with all other requirements of RI Promise.

The Disability Services for Students Office will review disability documentation and if a reduced course load is warranted, a recommendation for full-time status will be forwarded to the DSS Program Director for final review and approval. Upon final approval, the Disability Services for Students Office will notify the Office of Financial Aid of the students who have been approved for this accommodation.

It is required that requests for full-time status be submitted to the Disability Services for Students Office.

  • Requests for reduced course load apply to Fall and Spring semesters only. Please refer to RI Promise FAQs for further information.
  • Students must enroll in no less than three classes or nine credit hours per semester.
  • Students cannot drop below these minimum levels without placing their full-time status with RI Promise in jeopardy.
  • Student must meet all other RI Promise Attestation of Understanding areas.
  • Participation in the RI Promise Scholarship Program is contingent upon funding availability
  • This scholarship is limited to two years regardless of whether or not a student has been approved for a reduced course load.