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Study Strategy Workshops

An essential part of success at any college is the amount of time and effort students put into preparing for their weekly lectures and exams. The Student Success Center can help you learn how to use your textbooks more effectively, explore strategies on how to take notes and prepare for exams. Learn how, when and where to study and to better manage your time.

To make an appointment for a workshop listed below, log onto with your CCRI username and password. Choose the workshop of your choice under "Course" (Workshops will be towards the bottom of the listing) and search appointment times.

Study Strategies Workshop

In this workshop students learn effective strategies that match their learning styles to approach their work. Students will also explore a variety of ways to read and use college textbooks. This Study Strategies workshop will also include note-taking methods.

Test Taking Strategies

This workshop focuses entirely on exam-taking strategies. Learn test-taking strategies such as distinguishing between what you already know and what you need to study, developing confidence boosters and applying practical tips for taking multiple-choice tests. Learn how to use the course syllabus, your notes and textbook to predict test questions. You must bring a course syllabus, book and class materials.

Time Management Workshop

Do you struggle to find time to study? Are you overwhelmed with work, school and family commitments? This workshop will give you the tools to take command of your time.

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