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Meditations You Can Practice

Conscious breathing

Conscious breathing can help us engage with the present and is an important starting point when developing a mindfulness practice.

Body scans

Body scans provide an opportunity to bring attention to different areas of the body to connect to the sensations in the body.

Focused attention meditations

Focused attention meditations guide you through the process of focusing attention on a specific point and fully experiencing it rather than simply thinking about it.


Thought-focused meditations place emphasis on the act of thinking during the practice of meditation as it is a common misconception that the mind must be empty of all thoughts to mediate.

Loving-kindness meditations

Loving-kindness meditations focus on cultivating and encouraging feelings of kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others by allowing us to receive words of loving-kindness and offer loving-kindness to others.  

Mindful movement

Often, there is the misconception that one must be still to meditate. Mindful movement meditations encourage intentional movement to help you connect to the sensations in your body.

Other types of meditation

There are many forms of meditation. Other types of meditation include but are not limited to: