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Welcome To CCRI Theatre

CCRI’s Theatre Program offers students the opportunity to explore the theatrical arts academically, professionally, and in performance.

The Associate in Fine Arts degree in Theatre offers two areas of concentration: Performance and Technical. Both concentrations combine liberal arts general education courses and introductory theatre arts courses. General education requirements fulfill the theatre student’s need to develop conceptual and communication skills necessary for successful transfer and completion of a baccalaureate arts degree or a successful professional career.

Introductory coursework in theatre not only prepares students to understand the process through which plays are created but also helps them comprehend the roles played by the dramatic arts in their local, national, international and multicultural communities. Practical instruction in the performing and technical arts offers students a hands-on opportunity to participate in the theatre and prepares students for careers in theatre or theatre education, or to transfer to other institutions. The productions staged by the CCRI Players and presented to the community provide the laboratory experience which enable students to pursue lifelong learning by exploring the forms of expressions through which we interpret ourselves and the world.