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starfish logoAs you transition to online learning through Blackboard, you will also need to utilize Starfish to communicate effectively with your professors.

Starfish is a platform that creates a network of communication between faculty, students, and student services staff to support student success. Starfish provides a central location to connect students to the people and services that can help them be successful.

There are many benefits to using this software. Among them:

  1. Your professors are able set up their office hours through the app, so even while you are learning remotely, you will know when a certain professor is available so you can set up appointments to meet with them virtually through either Blackboard or WebEx or over the phone during the designated times.
  2. Many important on-campus resources will be available remotely during this time, such as Advising & Counseling, Tutoring, Information Technology, Library Services and our Writing Centers. Starfish keeps everyone connected so that professors can share recommendations with specific counselors or advisors or refer you to a specific service when necessary.
  3. If you need help, you can request it by using the “raise your hand” feature, which can assist you with a number of items from Financial Aid requests to withdrawing from classes. Starfish will guide you to the appropriate department so your message is delivered in a timely fashion.
  4. You can also receive encouraging messages from faculty and staff who recognize your hard work and get notified immediately if any of your professors are concerned about your performance.

In addition, here is a quick, how-to guide on contacting your advisor for help through Starfish.

You can access your account today in one several ways:

1. Via the homepage: Login > Starfish

2. Blackboard shell

3. Via MyCCRI: “For Students” tab > Registration Tools > Starfish Login

Still need help? These tutorials will guide you through the process so you can master Starfish in time for your first online class: