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How to log into the CCRI Wireless Network on Android

The CCRI Community wireless is available to CCRI students, faculty, and staff. Your CCRI username and password will be needed to log into CCRI_Community network.


    1. Access your wireless settings in the bottom right-hand corner. From the menu, select CCRI_Community network.

chromebook 1

  1. A screen similar to below should appear; for the EAP method, select "PEAP." 
  2.  Phase 2 authentication should be set to "None", if that is not an option choose  "MSCHAPV2"
  3.  If "MSCHAPV2" is selected for the "Domain" section type "". If "None" is selected the Domain section should not appear. 
  4.  Online Certificate Status must be "Do Not Validate' <-- very important! 
  5.  For "Identity" and "Password" enter your CCRI login credentials. Leave Anonymous Identity blank.

Android settings picture

You will now be able to successfully browse the web on your Android device.