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How to Schedule Conference Rooms in Outlook

Automated Resource Booking allows users to schedule conference rooms when setting up meetings in their Outlook calendar. Users can see free/busy times for conference rooms, and conference room requests can be automatically approved.

A conference room has its own calendar, which can be viewed in a meeting request much like an individual’s calendar. When a request for a conference room is accepted, an event is added to the conference room’s calendar.

Any equipment needed in the conference room can be requested by filling out the Equipment/Training Request Form available on the CCRI website after you have scheduled your room. Requests for additional equipment must be made at least one business day in advance.

Scheduling a Conference Room

Viewing a Conference Room

Scheduling a Conference Room

To schedule a conference room for your meeting, follow the instructions below. Please note: only the person who owns or originated the meeting will be able to schedule the conference room for that meeting. Outlook treats the conference room as a guest, meaning you invite the room to the meeting. Once a conference room is added, it appears in both the “To:” and “Location:” invitation fields.

In Outlook Desktop Client

  1. Click on the Outlook Desktop Icon.

    Outlook Desktop Icon

  2. When your Outlook email account opens, click on Calendar.

    Outlook Calendar Tab

  3. In the Home tab, click on New Meeting.

    New Meeting

  4. The untitled – Meeting window will open.

    Untitled - Meeting Window

  5. After filling out the meeting information such as, To, Subject and Date, Click on Rooms.

    Click on Rooms

  6. A list of conference rooms will appear. Select the room by double clicking on it. It should appear in the bar next to rooms. Click OK. In this example, two rooms were selected.

    Select the Rooms

  7. The room will appear in both the To and Locations area.

    Rooms Selected

  8. Click on Scheduling Assistant to view the room’s availability. In this example one room is already booked and one room is free.

    Scheduling Assistant

  9. If more than one room is selected, uncheck the room that is unavailable and/or unwanted, and then click on Appointment.

    Finalize the Room

  10. The room selected will appear in the To area along with the invited guests. Click Send to finalize your meeting and your location.

    Send Meeting Invite

In Webmail (Outlook Web Access)

  1. Go to, in the footer at the bottom, under CCRI webmail, click on For faculty and staff. Log in using your CCRI username and password.

    CCRI Webmail

  2. When Webmail opens up, click on Calendar.


  3. Open the drop down menu next to New and click on Meeting Request.

    Meeting Request

  4. The untitled – Meeting window will open, click on Resources.

    Untitled - Meeting Window

  5. The Address Book - - Webpage Dialog window will open, click on All Rooms.

    Address Book - Select Rooms

  6. From the rooms and availability calendar, select the room and the date. The blue shaded area indicates the room is booked. If available, double click on the room. It will appear in the Resources area, then click OK.

    Select Conference Room

  7. In the Untitled Meeting window the room will appear in the Location and Resource area. Complete the request by filling out the (To, Subject, Start time/End time, both the date and the time). Then click Send.

    Send Invitation

Viewing a Conference Room’s Calendar

You can view the calendar for a conference room to see if it is available.

In Outlook Desktop Client

Viewing a conference room

  1. In Outlook, go to your calendar and click on “Open Calendar”.
  2. Select “From Room List” from the menuchart4
  3. You will see a list of conference rooms available to you. Select the conference room whose calendar you wish to view.
  4. It will now be available as a calendar you can view.

In Webmail(Outlook Web Access)

  1. In Webmail, go to your calendar and click on “Share” and then “Add Calendar”chart5
  2. A window prompting you to “Add Calendar” will appear. Select “Calendar from your organization” and click on the “Name” buttonchart 6
  3. Click on “All Rooms”.
  4. You will see a list of conference rooms available to you. Double click on the conference room whose calendar you wish to view.
  5. The conference room will appear in the “Select” field.
  6. Click “OK”chart 7
  7. You will return to the “Add Calendar” window. The “Name” field will have the conference room listed. Click “OK”. You should now be able to view the calendar for that conference room.

If you have questions or need help in scheduling a conference room, please contact the CCRI IT Help Desk at 825-1112, or [email protected].