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Creating Your CCRI Account

New or returning CCRI students (students who have not been enrolled in a class for 2 years or more), may need to create a CCRI account by going to the Username lookup page and entering CCRI ID or 9-digit Social Security number, birth date [MMDDYYYY] and press the Look Up button to process the inquiry. Your CCRI Account username, CCRI email address will be returned.

It will take 60 minutes for the account to be created. The default password is the first 3 letters of the username (first letter Capitalized) followed by underscore (_) and the last 4 numbers of the CCRI ID number (for example: Jdo_1234). To get the underscore, you will need to use the shift key and dash which is located to the left of the plus + sign.

Before you can login to your account for the FIRST TIME you will need to change your CCRI Account Password.

STEPS to change password:

Go to CCRI Account Password Management Tool

  • Click Change password
  • Enter your CCRI Account username and current password
  • Enter your new password and verify the password
  • Click Change password button

*Please note: Your new password can be alpha numeric with a minimum length of 8 characters and a maximum length of 20 characters. If you are a returning student, you may not use a previously used password.

If you need further support, call the Help Desk at 401-825-1112. [Help Desk hours]