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Known Issues

Respondus Lockdown Browser asks students for a password when beginning a test when they are using a Mac and when on a PC, students receive the following error message, "Contact your instructor to fix error" and the test does not load.


Add an optional password to the exam via the optional password field available in the LockDown Browser Dashboard tool. Adding this password allows the original problem to not occur, and the student can enter the exam. You will need to give the students the password you’ve set. You should NOT use the same internally set password that resides in the Blackboard quiz settings.

Students: Important Information about O365 & Bb Instructor Emails

O365 is adding do-not reply Blackboard faculty addresses to the auto-complete list in the O365 address book. This happens if the first email you receive from your instructor is sent from Blackboard.

The Bb do-not-reply email address format looks like this: 
[email protected] (

Here are instructions to remove addresses from the auto-complete list in O365: 

If the do-no-reply address is cached in the auto-complete list and you create a new email that auto-fills the do-not-reply address, the email will be returned undelivered. If this happens, remove the address from the auto-complete list using the above instructions. You only have to do this once for the individual instructor's address.

Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance, x1112 (825-1112), [email protected]

When a group user customizes the theme on their Group page, the color palette choices "Fall", "Spring", "Opal" and "Sky" will render the group blank (white text on white background).

Workaround: Make a different color palette selection other than Fall, Spring, Opal, or Sky.

If the Group Menu is already blank, find and click on the bottom link in the blank group menu. The Customize Group Color link is the last link on the list. To find the hidden link, click at the bottom of the blank group menu and slowly move your cursor up, your cursor will change when you are on the link. Click to open the Customize page, select the color palette that makes the group menu appear again. Changes made on this page will be visible to all group users and do not affect the other pages in the course.

Faculty Issue With Visibility of Some Course Menus:

Course menus in some courses are not visible. This is due to the background color defaulting to white with white text. Here is a workaround. Instructors can apply the workaround to any of your courses that are affected:

  1.  On the Control Panel select Customization.
  2. On the Customization menu select Teaching Style.
  3. On the Teaching Style page scroll to Select Menu Style.
  4. Next to Blackground Color, click the drop down arrow to open the Select a swatch color grid.
  5. On the swatch color grid type 333333 in the Color value # text box. 
  6. Select Apply.
  7. Select Submit. Your menu should be visible now.

Students Can View Test Results Even if a Later Date Has Been Chosen by the Instructor:

Immediately after taking a test, the results are displayed to the user, even if the results are configured to not display until a later date/time.

Course Menu Becomes Hidden When the Browser Window is Resized to a Smaller Size:

 Entering a "0" in the Grade Center Cell...

When entering a "0" in a cell within the grade center it displays as "-0.00". This does not affect grade center calculations.

Email From the Grade Center

When using email from the Grade Center, adding attachments does not work. Use the Email tool to add attachments.

Troubleshoot "mms://" protocol playback issues on a PC

Users may experience non-responsive action when clicking a link starting with "mms://". To troubleshoot the issue:
1. Run Search apps (Windows logo key +S)
2. Type in Control Panel in the search box
3. Click on Programs > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program
4. You will see a list, scroll down to the Protocols section and find the name MMS
5. Select MMS, then click on Change Program button.
6. Select Windows Media Player (or VLC if it is installed on the computer) from the list, and click on OK.
7. Click on the Close button.