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Vacation Time

(Annual Leave)

CCRI provides vacation time off with pay to eligible employees. All full-time, calendar year employees are eligible for annual leave. Employees who work less than full-time or work academic year should refer to their collective bargaining agreement to determine eligibility for annual leave.


Vacation time is accrued on a biweekly pay period basis throughout the calendar year. Members of the Classified system are also credited with "up front" days on January 1st of each year. The collective bargaining agreement or the Board of Education Personnel Policy Manual determines the accrual rate.

Maximum Carryover:

Unused vacation time (up to the specified maximum carryover) may be carried over into the next calendar year. Any vacation time that exceeds the maximum carryover at year-end will be forfeited. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement to determine your maximum annual carryover amount.

Vacation Requests:

A vacation request must be completed by all staff members planning to take more than three (3) consecutive days. If your position utilizes an electronic leave report, the vacation request should be processed electronically via the Request Time Off option. Those positions not utilizing the electronic leave reports should continue to use the Vacation Leave Request Form available on the Human Resources website.

Vacation schedules are coordinated on a departmental basis. It is recommended that request forms be completed and forwarded to the employee's supervisor for approval well in advance of the time needed (minimum of two weeks in advance). At no time may annual leave be discharged prior to its accrual.

Please note that the collective bargaining agreement may specify a period of time after initial employment during which vacation time (annual leave) may not be discharged.