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Statutory Status

Statutory status is available to all employees who were hired prior to August 7, 1996, as defined in RIGL 36-4-59. Employees must complete a 20-Year Statutory Status Application. The form will need to be returned to CCRI’s Human Resources Office for processing.

Every employee who has have twenty (20) years, not necessarily consecutive, of service credit, is able to have acquired full status in the position they hold at the time of obtaining twenty (20) years of service credit. Military service cannot exceed four (4) years of active service.

In case of layoff or the abolition of a position through reorganization or otherwise, the employee in the position or subject to layoff, who has full status, otherwise qualified under this section, shall be retained within the state services in a position of similar graded position.

This does not apply to employees whose base entry date is after August 7, 1996.

Ref: Statutes/TITLE36/36-4/36-4-59