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Study abroad group

"The Program in Italy was the trip of a lifetime. From visiting the Vatican City to the Coliseum, from Villa d'Este to Palazzo Farnese, from Orvieto to Spoleto, Perugia and Assisi, the trip was spectacular. I was always learning, my questions were always answered and I used the knowledge I gained in class every day... From simple phrases of description and explanation, I quickly learned to appreciate the beauty of the Italian language and its musical tones... From the start of my lesson I fell in love with the Italian language and dedicated myself to using as much as my vocabulary and imagination would allow."

Elizabeth VanBroklin
Italian grapes

"The visits supplied very adequate information on the cultural and historical aspects. Every place we went to was full of interesting facts and history. All of our guides were very helpful and informative. Could not have been better! The cooking class well exceeded my expectations on every level".

Lindsay VanBroklin

"My trip to Italy did indeed prove to be a feast for the eyes, body and soul. It was a special gift and a blessing to have been privileged in this lifetime to experience it. I was doubly blessed to have been able to share all of it with my two young daughters."

Patricia VanBroklin

La pizzicheru

"This program has made me think about the value of travel and even though it can be costly the experiences are priceless. I think travel will be a priority in my life. I also am glad to realize that I am open minded and willing to try new things ... This trip has really made me appreciate life and opportunities to make the most of it! Grazie!"

Natalia Di Fusco

"This program provided a completely fulfilling experience for me. I felt it to be completely diverse in offering so many different aspects of Italian culture. Prof. Mansella was wonderful in providing a wealth of information and guidance."

Carlynn Woolsey

"The Italian courses were well organized given the fact that students of varying levels of knowledge of Italian were in class together. Nevertheless, the Professor's sensitivity to addressing each individual's needs along with her commitment to the study of Italian was remarkable. Classes absolutely met my expectations. But it is important to note that besides the actual classroom experience, the ongoing experience of living in Italy and dealing with everyday life situations where one was constantly afforded the opportunity to use the Italian language was of inestimable value."

Charles Mansolillo

Wooden bridge with a view

"The program was extremely fulfilling! The most attractive aspect was the cultural excursions and seeing all the amazing artwork and Italian life. I would recommend the program to everyone and the gelato!"

Melissa Blackmar

Group posing on the street

"Everything was effective ... the class presentations, guest speakers and lectures. The whole trip was informative and well planned."

Ian Sanborn

" I have been enriched spiritually and emotionally. My marriage to Chandra in February and this trip this summer have been awesome. My soul and heart have been filled with so many sunrises and sunsets on this trip ... The people we have met and interacted with on this trip and the cooking class have been extraordinary ..... Thank you for taking us into the rainbow. The various hews of color exposure, richness and emotions could only have been accomplished by your endless energy of passion for what you love the most".

Frank Capasso

"Prof. Mansella has provided with her excellent leadership a program that has demonstrated professionalism in every aspect. The daily organization of the multi schedule provided to us students incorporated enjoyable tasks to fulfill our academic objectives. This complex program has been fine tuned to cater to individual needs and interests... The program was Extraordinary! "

Chandra Rodrigues

Group sitting at an outdoor table

"Dear Prof. Mansella, I wish there was a way to tell you how much this trip and experience has meant to me. This program became so much more than I ever expected and I am so unbelievable grateful for all your effort, patience, and time. You have not only helped me discover a new language and country, but also a new part of myself."

Katie Valdivia
Studying inside

"In every way the classes exceeded expectations. Classes were held formally in the hotel conference room and then after break, continued at Montanucci's over espressos. This was particularly advantageous to the learning process, in that we were among natives, living like natives, and learning on the go. Informal instruction was conducted anywhere and everywhere on excursions as Prof. Mansella related what we were doing and seeing at any given time to the Italian language, culture and history."

Concetta Nicolosi

"I have wanted to travel to Italy for a very long time. My four grandparents, my father and his siblings were immigrants from Italy. The program provided me with experiences that I will never forget. The grandeur of Italy was a gift for me to experience."

Joyce Rizzo