Program Goals and Competencies


Goal #1: Prepare graduates to assume responsibility for ethical dental hygiene care in accordance with professional codes of ethics and state law.

  1. Assume responsibility to provide dental hygiene treatment according to the current accepted standard of care.
  2. Accept and apply a professional code of ethics at all times.
  3. Adhere to state and federal laws, recommendations and regulations in the provision of dental hygiene care.
  4. Accept and promote non-discrimination.
  5. Develop a sense of self as a member of a professional community who values lifelong learning.


Goal #2 : Prepare competent, caring hygienists to provide comprehensive dental hygiene services to the local community.

  1. Control pain and anxiety during treatment through the use of accepted clinical and behavioral techniques.
  2. Prevent and manage medical emergencies.
  3. Utilize methods to ensure the health and safety of the patient/client and the dental hygienist in the delivery of dental hygiene care.
  4. Provide specialized preventive and therapeutic treatment to assist the patient/client in achieving and maintaining oral health.


Goal #3 : Prepare graduates to make evidence based decisions by acquiring, analyzing and documenting information utilizing current scientific research.

  1. Assume responsibility for dental hygiene actions and care based on accepted scientific theories and research.
  2. Communicate effectively with individuals and groups.
  3. Accurately and completely document patient/client conditions and care provided.
  4. Utilize critical thinking to solve problems.
  5. Systematically collect, record, organize and summarize data on the medical, dental and social status of individuals and groups.
  6. Analyze individual and group data. Develop a dental hygiene diagnosis or community profile.
  7. Collaborate with the patient and other health care professionals.
  8. Use current scientific evidence to formulate a patient-centered comprehensive dental hygiene care plan.


Goal #4 : Develop dental hygienists who are able to assess the quality of patient services they provide.

  1. Include self-assessment in personal and professional growth and in the quality of care provided.
  2. Modify care as needed to meet the needs of the individual patient/client.
  3. Assure a high quality of patient/client care, through the use of various methods and techniques.
  4. Utilize evaluation data and treatment outcomes to adapt or modify treatment.


Goal #5 : Promote oral health within the community

  1. Promote the values of, and develop strategies to achieve, optimum health for self and others.
  2. Seek to achieve patient/client and community wellness through collaboration with other agencies and health professionals.

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