Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights
  1. Considerate, respectful and confidential treatment.
  2. Continuity and completion of your dental hygiene treatment in so far as College and course schedules permit.
  3. Access to pertinent, current information about your dental hygiene condition.
  4. Explanation of recommended dental hygiene treatment, alternative treatment if available, the risk of not receiving treatment and the expected outcomes of these recommended treatments.
  5. Advance knowledge of the cost and payment arrangement for any recommended treatment.
  6. The right to accept or refuse treatment.
  7. The highest quality of treatment your student dental hygienist is able to complete in the available time.

You are entitled to the above regardless of your age, sex, sexual preference, religion or ethnic origin. We are pleased you elected to receive dental hygiene are in the CCRI Dental Hygiene Clinic and we look forward to assisting you as you pursue optimum oral health.

Patient’s Responsibilities

As a patient of the CCRI Dental Hygiene Clinic, you are expected to:

  1. Pay for services rendered.
  2. Complete a medical/dental history.
  3. Report any subsequent change in your medical/dental history.
  4. Understand that the appointment length is at least two hours, and more than one appointment may be needed to complete dental hygiene treatment.
  5. Seek regular and routine dental care with a dentist.
  6. Provide 24-hour notice for cancellation of an appointment.

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Last Updated: 4/12/19