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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate

A magnetic resonance imaging technologist uses magnets and radio waves, a knowledge of anatomy, and imaging principles to aid physicians in the diagnosis of disease, in monitoring patient progress, in controlled screenings to help prevent disease, or in research. Flanagan Campus only

Admission Guidelines FAQs

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Be skilled in current MRI practices by demonstrating knowledge and skills in magnetic resonance imaging and to prepare graduates to sit for the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) examination in magnetic resonance imaging

2. Provide upward mobility and career ladder opportunities for Radiologic Technologists

3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, verbally, orally, and in writing, with other healthcare personnel

4. Act as ethical and responsible members of the healthcare team

Program & Course Descriptions

This is a part-time, two-semester program which is offered starting:

Fall semester at

Flanagan (Lincoln) campus Evening program


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