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HEERF Approved Proposals

Thank you to the CCRI Community for your thoughtful proposal ideas that helped to support our students through the COVID-19 pandemic. Proposals approved and funded are as follows:

Additional Academic or Mental Health Supports

HEERF teamProviding additional support systems that will aid students in overcoming barriers that have arisen as a result of COVID that may otherwise prevent them from completing their education.

Approved Proposals
  • Virtual Support - Bookstore Kiosks
  • Marketing to CCRI Students who Paused Their Education
  • Rebuilding General Education Assessment Processes & Practices for Equity
  • Rebuilding ESL Program
  • Additional Academic Support for Dental Health Faculty

Instructional Equipment and Supplies

HEERF teamPurchasing, leasing, or renting additional instructional equipment/supplies (such as lab equipment or computers) to reduce the number of students sharing equipment/supplies during a single class period to provide time for disinfection between uses.

Approved Proposals
  • Biology Lab Equipment
  • Chemistry Lab Equipment
  • Equipment for Remote Nursing Skills
  • Pottery Wheels for Ceramic Students
  • IV Pump Proposal
  • AV Equipment for Digital Media Courses
  • OER Faculty Fellows
  • Film, Media, and Communications Equipment
  • Equipment to Reduce Sharing in Geology & Physics Labs
  • Ultrasound Console for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Microscopes for Safer and Effective Learning

Enhance Distance Learning

HEERF teamPurchasing, leasing, or renting additional equipment or software to enable distance learning, or upgrading campus wi-fi access or extending open networks to parking lots or public spaces, etc.

Approved Proposals
  • ACS Essentials of Lab Safety for Chemistry Students
  • Remote Ventilation Management Training
  • World Languages Virtual Lab and Testing
  • Supplies for DL Astronomy, Geology, and Physics Courses

Additional Technology for Students

HEERF techCovering the cost of providing additional technology hardware to students, such as laptops or tablets, or covering the added cost of technology fees.

Approved Proposals
  • Enhanced Laptop Lending Program
  • Table Charging Stations
  • Hot Spot Lending
  • Papercut Touchless Printing
  • Technology for Dental Health Students