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SSC Representative Visit

Faculty may request a visit from the Student Success Center staff for a variety of presentations such as;

  • General presentation of all services offered by the SSC and how to access the services online.
  • Presentations on specific study strategies such as textbook, note-taking, test taking strategies, and time management.
  • For math classes only - a math coach will visit to increase awareness of math strategies and the services offered by coaches (schedule this visit within the first three weeks of the semester).

To schedule a presentation, contact your Campus Coordinator:

Campus Coordinators
Campus Coordinator Tel.
Flanagan, Lincoln Tom Skouras 401-333-7473
Newport Tatianna Williams 401-851-1701
 Liston, Providence Tatianna Williams 401-455-6026
 Knight, Warwick Joanne Galliano 401-825-1166

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