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Healthcare Requirements for Nursing Students

In order to facilitate compliance with health records, immunizations and certifications the Nursing Department has selected CastleBranch to manage student health records. This system allows students to effortlessly collect, review and share any document, such as immunizations, medical records and certifications. Students may upload their records to the secure website at This is the same company that performs the Criminal Background Checks (BCI). These records are available to students for seven (7) years.

Healthcare Requirements

Must be submitted to CastleBranch and Student Health Services on the Knight Campus. Requirements must be kept compliant in order to participate in the clinical setting. Please review the Clinical Attendance Policy in your Student Policy Manual for information regarding non-compliance.

Background Checks

Are reviewed by the Nursing Department for clinical compliance. Background checks must be rechecked annually in order to participate in the clinical setting. If there is an issue surrounding a BCI, the student will be contacted via phone to set up a meeting with the Nursing Department Chair or the Academic Clinical Coordinator.

For additional information please visit CastleBranch’s website at Please also review the Criminal Background Check Policy.

Please note: students must also submit a copy of their records to the CCRI School Nurse to ensure that all immunization requirements mandated by the state of Rhode Island are met and documented upon enrollment.

CastleBranch is compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).