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E-Classroom Policy & Instructor Guidelines


The primary purpose of the electronic classroom at each campus library is to provide a space for librarians to conduct library instruction sessions. These sessions are scheduled a week or more in advance at the request of the course instructor.

Conditions for Shared Use

In the spirit of collegiality, and in the recognition that the college lacks sufficient electronic classroom space, the librarians may make the classrooms available for non-library use (“shared use”) under some specific circumstances:

  • These shared use events will not interfere with the availability of the room for its primary purpose – library instruction.
  • Shared use consists of one-time events – for example, an instructor needs a lab for one class period to demonstrate a software product to the class.
  • The room will not be scheduled for multiple or regular sessions, other than library instruction, when classes are in session. Instructors who need an electronic classroom for multiple dates throughout the semester need to make other arrangements.
  • At the discretion of the Library Instruction Coordinator on each campus, the classroom may be made available for multiple dates when classes are not in session. Nursing testing and freshman orientation are examples of appropriate uses that might be accommodated. Please be aware that the room may not be available during all the dates and times you need it.


Instructors who use the room for non-library purposes agree to abide by these guidelines:

  • You will need to contact Security if a library staff member is not available to open or lock up the room.
  • No software is to be loaded on the computers, and no other changes to the computers, projector, printer, or any other equipment are permitted.
  • Please refrain from eating or drinking at the computers.
  • You must submit a class roster or other documentation noting the date and time of the session, your department, the purpose of the session, and the number of students who used the room.
  • Equipment should be turned off and, where required (Flanagan, Knight), lights turned off and room locked.
  • If you encounter problems with the equipment in the room, contact a librarian (if the library is open) or the IT department (if the library is closed). Notify the Instruction Coordinator the next day of any problems, and any actions taken to correct them.

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