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eRefund Account Setup

To have your refund deposited directly into your personal checking account, you need to complete the Refund Account Setup. *Refunds are made to Personal accounts only. No corporate accounts, i.e. credit cards, home equity, traveler's checks, etc.*

*Please note that it is best to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser for Refunds and Payments.*

How to setup your eRefund Account:
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Login to your MyCCRI

image of login screen
Step 2

To view your account balance, click the My Account tab

image of My Account tab within MyCCRI
Step 3

Click on Refund Account Setup

image of Refund Account Setup button
Step 4

Click the Set up Account from the eRefunds screen

image of the Set up Account button
Step 5

Complete the Set up Refund Account form. Refunds can be made to personal accounts only. To view an example of the Routing number and Account number, click on the View Example link on that screen.

image of the Refund Account form
Step 6

Click the Continue button

image of Continue button
Step 7

Review your account information and check I Agree

image of the Agreement form
Step 8

Click Continue

image of the Continue button
Step 9

Make sure Payment method was saved

image of ACH payment confirmation

If you need to make a change to your refund account information or need further assistance, please contact the Bursar's Office at 401-825-2151.

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