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Printing Class Roster

To print your class roster, you must log in to your MyCCRI account.

If you are not sure of your MyCCRI username and/or password, please contact the Help Desk at 825-1112.

Printing your class roster
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Log into your MyCCRI account and click on the For Faculty tab and under the Faculty Dashboard click on the Class List icon

image of the class list icon
Step 2

From the Faculty Officially Enrolled Summary Class List, scroll down to view the students enrolled in the course.

image of summary class list
Step 3
From the menu at the top click on File and then select Print Preview
image of selecting "Print preview"
Step 4

From the Print Preview screen, click on the down arrow to change As laid out on screen to Only the selected frame

image of selecting "Only the selected frame"
Step 5

Click the Printer icon in the upper left hand corner to print the class roster.

image of clicking on Printer icon
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