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Digital Textbooks

  1. Purchase the card through the bookstore cashier just as you would purchase a print textbook. Purchasing an eBooks card authorizes the card, but does not activate it.
  2. When you're ready to read your eBook. go to the computer where you intend to use it. Log in or register at, and enter the card and receipt numbers. Your eBook is now activated and cannot be returned.
  3. Follow the easy on-screen prompts to download your eBook. You will need the latest version of the free reader software to read your eBook. Visit for additional information.

E-books card rackQuestions and Answers

Q. How long do eBooks last? Do they ever expire?

A. Digital Textbooks are valid and readable on your computer for a minimum of 12 months (expiration rules may vary by publisher) after your initial activation (activation, not download) at

Q. Can I print from my eBooks?

A. Yes. Printing rules vary by publisher. Most eBooks have no limitations regarding printing capability, but some allow only up to 100 pages per week.

Q. Can I share my eBooks?

A. eBooks are designed as one-time downloads to a single computer owned by one user. Encoded Digital Rights Management does not allow eBooks to be shared between multiple users.

Q. Do I have to be online to read my eBook?

A. No, you must only be connected to the Internet when downloading. Due to the size of eBooks, a high-speed Internet connection is required for download stability and speed.

Q. Can I make a backup copy of my eBook in case my computer crashes?

A. Yes, not only can you, you absolutely should. Since eBooks are one-time downloads to a single computer, creating an archived backup and burning it to a removable media such as CD, DVD, or external drive is your responsibility. You may do so and reinstall the eBook on the same computer to which you originally downloaded the digital content in order to restore it.

Q. Can I return an eBook?

A. You may return a non-activated eBooks card to the bookstore where you originally purchased it (subject to the bookstore's return policy). Once an eBook has been activated at, it is no longer returnable., it is no longer returnable.

Q. What if I drop the class?

A. You may return a non-activated eBooks card to the original place of purchase (subject to the bookstore's return policy), provided it has not been activated at Once activated, and regardless of your enrollment status, the eBooks card is no longer returnable.

Q. Can I sell an eBook back at the end of the semester?

A. Instead of selling your book back at the end of the semester, with eBooks you get your money in the beginning of the semester in the form of big savings.

Q. What if I need help?

A. Call the toll-free Universal Digital Textbooks customer support number, 888-886-0801.