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Nursing Program Advisory Board

The mission of the Community College of Rhode Island Nursing Program Advisory Board works to build a strong foundation of support for the nursing program and foster communication and partnerships with the community. Members guide and assist the nursing department in its ongoing focus of delivering the highest quality education to nursing students. The Board collaborates with the department and relates nursing practice trends and evolving areas to be addressed within the program. The department apprises the members of program outcomes and potential revisions. The Advisory Board has input into program processes and decision making.

Advisory Board Members

Top Row:
Emily Brazil, Student, President: CCRI Student Nurse Organization
Angela Creta, Director Professional Practice Innovation/Magnet, The Miriam Hospital
Donna Dolan, Director of Nursing, Genesis Healthcare
Donna Donilan, Director of Education, Kent Hospital
Mary Dwyer, RI Community Care Alliance
Charlene Eli (Not Pictured), Prime Healthcare Services

Second Row:
John M. Fedo, Director, Practice Integration, Rhode Island Hospital
Hilary Hall-Jansson, Interim Assistant Dean: CCRI Nursing
Kathleen Kane, Saint Antoine Residence
Janis Markoff (Not Pictured), Charlesgate Nursing Center
Diane Martins, Associate Professor: URI Nursing;
Jeanne S. McColl, Level I Department Chairperson, CCRI Nursing

Third Row:
Linda McDonald (Not Pictured), United Nurses and Allied Professionals
Lisa Pratt (Not Pictured)
April Ramos, Student, CCRI Nursing, SNO
Paula Rossi (Not Pictured), Vice President, Org. Support & Compliance, Coastal Medical Center
Raymond Thurber (Not Pictured), Senior Education Specialist, Kent Hospital
Marilyn Boichat (Not Pictured), Director of Practice Management, Coastal Medical

Fourth Row:

Donna Huntley-Newby, RIC College of Nursing
Susan Sienkiewicz, Level II Department Chairperson, CCRI Nursing

Campus Maps

FC = Flanagan campus in Lincoln

KC = Knight campus in Warwick

LC = Liston campus in Providence

NC = Newport campus in Newport

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Last Updated: 2/20/17