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Mission Statement


  • provide a state-of-the-art learning, teaching, and research environment for students and faculty
  • promote acquisition of basic and advanced clinical skills/behaviors that are essential for undergraduate nursing students to master
  • provide resources that will assist acquisition of clinical skills necessary for advanced practice roles
  • provide an ideal learning environment for supervised and independent practice, throughout the students' academic endeavors
  • providing a learning environment that promotes professional development of health care providers
  • be available as a resource center for students, faculty, and associates - internally and externally


The Community College of Rhode Island Simulation Centers will provide students and healthcare providers broad access to the practice environment, directly at the point of learning. Students can immediately apply skills and concepts that would otherwise become diluted between classroom time and clinical practice. The thoughtful use of simulation technologies in the simulation center ensures that students and clinicians will acquire critical skills and judgment and will maintain competency.


The Community College of Rhode Island will integrate simulation as an educational tool. All Health Science disciplines will utilize simulation in a multidisciplinary experience. Through this experience future healthcare workers will be prepared to work as a cohesive team in providing care to the Rhode Island community.


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Last Updated: 10/18/16