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Corporate Sponsored Learning

Much of the formal adult education and training in the United States takes place in courses sponsored by the military, by corporations and unions, and by the Government. Some of these courses are taught by experts in the field, cover the material in depth, and are highly demanding. If you have taken such a course, your learning may be appropriate for college credit and should be assessed.

What is Sponsored Learning?

Throughout your life and career, you have probably participated in formal or on-the-job training sponsored by your employer or perhaps a civic or professional organization. Perhaps you are a licensed or certified professional (real estate broker, police officer, insurance appraiser, tradesperson), or have served in the military. If this is the case, you may be eligible for college credit based upon the learning required to achieve such standing.

Sponsored Learning simply means that training and/or educational experiences were developed, offered and monitored by an organization. As they are usually not accredited educational institutions , credit equivalencies need to be determined. The American Council on Education(ACE) evaluates such programs (at the request of the sponsor or provider) and makes college credit recommendations. Most of these credits are transferable. However, if you are planning to transfer to another institution, it is recommended that you review that institution's degree requirements and transfer of credit policies .

If you have credits from other accredited colleges and universities, these credits can be transferred to your CCRI transcript. You will be required to have "official" transcripts forwarded to the Office of Enrollment Services. Credits from other institutions are subject to the CCRI'stransfer of credit policy.

How do I find out if my training has been evaluated?

The Community College of Rhode Island has evaluated several local programs and has developed standardized credit awards for such training. Review the list to see if your training has already been evaluated.

If you have successfully completed a training program sponsored by your employer, professional association or industry, it is suggested that you determine if a third party such as the American Council on Education has evaluated that training. You may want to start with:

  • Your Human Resource Department or contact the Training Provider directly.
  • The American Council on Education's Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Workplace. You may want to look in the guide directly to see if the program has been evaluated. You may find copies of the Guide in your public library. Guides are available on campus. Contact Dean Peter Woodberry at (401) 825-2147 for locations.
  • Review CCRI's most popular standardized Credit Awards for Sponsored Learning.

What if my training hasn't been evaluated?

If your training has not been evaluated by a third party such as the American Council on Education, or evaluated directly by the Community College of Rhode Island you have at least four options.

  • Enroll in a higher level course. You may want to enroll in a college course that requires similar competencies offered in the training program, as a pre-requisite. You will have an opportunity to demonstrate to the faculty your expertise in the area, and possibly be awarded credit for the lower level course. You may need to get the instructor's permission to enroll if there is a prerequisite.
  • Determine if a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Test exists for the content of your training and take it.
  • Determine if a CCRI department offers a challenge exam for a course with similar content and take it.
  • Or you may petition the college to assess your learning through the Assessment process.

What evidence do I need to provide and where should I send it?

If your training has been evaluated by a nationally recognized third party and a credit recommendation exists, you may only need to provide a certificate of successful completion. This evidence should be forwarded to the Dr. Peter Woodberry, Dean of Business, Science & Technology, 400 East Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886-1807 along with a letter petitioning a credit award. You must have met all eligibility requirements.

More Information

For information related to fees, eligibility and transferability of credits see Frequently Asked Questions.

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Last Updated: 1/9/17