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Community College of Rhode Island

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Peter Woodberry

Main Office:
Knight Campus
Room 4226

JoAnn Warren
Associate Professor
Website Content Manager
Knight Campus
Room 3104
Tel: 401-825-3231
Fax: 401-333-0000

Prior Learning Assessment

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About About Prior Learning - Learning takes place in many settings and at many times during our lives. As a returning adult student, you may have acquired a significant amount of knowledge and skills. The Community College of Rhode Island recognizes and evaluates such learning and, if appropriate, awards credit for it, if it can be documented, verified and determined to meet specific courses offered at CCRI.

Learn More and Apply Now! Learn more about the application process - CCRI does recognize learning acquired through work and life experiences, military as well as corporate sponsored training, assuming it can be documented; is college-level and can be applied to specific courses offered at CCRI within a degree program. [Learn more and apply now]

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Last Updated: 7/1/15