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Network Infrastructure

The Networking and Telecommunications group installs and maintains voice, data, and video wiring and electronics. Responsibilities for network infrastructure within the group include planning and oversight of all voice/data/video wiring projects, including adding new network jacks in offices or classrooms and managing wiring installation in new buildings; installing and troubleshooting network electronics including routers and switches; monitoring network performance; and coordinating with 3rd party providers.

The CCRI network infrastructure currently includes over 4000 data ports including connections in all classrooms, conference rooms and offices on the Knight, Flanagan, and Liston campuses. Switches provide 100 Mb switched access to the network for the majority of the data connections. The wide area network that interconnects the CCRI campuses consists of a 20 Mb connection from Flanagan to Knight and another 20Mb connection from Liston to Knight . All network traffic flows to the Internet from the 30 Mb connection at the Knight campus to our internet service provider, OSHEAN. OSHEAN provides CCRI with 30 Mb to Internet 1 and 20 Mb to Internet 2 and other OSHEAN members.

You may call the Help Desk to request the installation of a network jack for a desktop computer. Requests for wiring a new lab or classroom should be made in writing by completing the Request for Technology Wiring Projects form. Please contact the Help Desk (ext 1112 ) to report suspected network problems. If you have general questions about the CCRI network infrastructure you may contact Bruce Barrett, Director, Network & Telecommunications, (ext 2466 or

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Last Updated: 8/24/16