SAASP Advisor

The SAASP Advisor shall communicate with the coach and SAASP Coordinator on a regular basis. The coaches are with the student-athletes almost on a daily basis and have a major influence in their behavior. Communication between the SAASP Advisor and the coach should occur weekly at a minimum.

The SAASP Advisor's role in this program is vital. The advisor will act as a mentor, facilitator, advisor, counselor and academic coordinator. During the two, one-hour meetings, time should be spent getting to know the student-athletes, their interests, their future academic and career plans.

SAASP Advisor responsibilities will include the following:

  • Daily Attendance
  • Review and Record Semester Grade Checks and attendance forms as needed
  • Completing the Plan for Performance Improvement form when necessary
  • Academic Advising
  • Referrals to existing CCRI Support Programs
  • Athletic Team Contact Person
  • Liaison to SAASP Coordinator


Contact Information

Liston Campus (Providence)
Room 2236B
Tel: 401-455-6116

Flangan Campus (Lincoln)
2nd Floor, near bookstore
Tel: 401-333-7474

Knight Campus (Warwick)
Room 3540
Tel: 401-825-1118

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