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Members of President's Council

Name Title
Kristen Albritton Vice President, Finance and Strategy
Julian Alssid Vice President, Division of Workforce Partnerships
Sybil Bailey Director, Human Resources
Elizabeth Canning  Associate Vice President, Institutional Equity & Human Resources
Ron Cavallaro General Counsel
Bob Cipolla Dean, Student Development/Assessment
Rosemary Costigan Vice President, Academic Affairs
Michael Cunningham Dean of Students
Sara Enright Vice President, Student Affairs/Chief Outcomes Officer
Bobby Gondola Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Robyn Greene Coordinator, Newport County Campus
Zdenko Juskuv President, CCRI Adjunct Faculty Association
Amy Kacerik Dean, Enrollment Management
Tracy Karasinski Dean, Office of Opportunity and Outreach
Amy Kempe Director, Marketing and Communications
Gregory LaPointe Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives
Michael McNally President, CCRIPSA
Kelly Morrissey Director, Financial Aid
Steven Murray President, CCRI Faculty Association
Alix Ogden Associate Vice President, Administration
Catherine Poirier Interim Dean, Learning Resource Center
Jude Tomasino President, CCRI Professional Staff Association
Deb Zielinski Assistant to the President

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