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Executive Committee

As of Oct 2012 election - 2 Year Term

Election Results for Departmental Reps Oct 2012. Term ends Oct. 2014 (revised 10/13)

Faculty Association Officers
 Position  Officer Department Email Phone
President Ramona Skelly Mathematics 333-7382
Vice President Denise Lazo Allied Health 333-7343
Secretary Karen Allen Computer Studies 825-2199
Treasurer John Ribezzo Business 825-2251
Department Representatives
Department Committee Members Email Alternate Email
Allied Health Programs Sharon Perkins Lynda Codega
Art Mazin Adam Mark Hartshorn
Biology  Don Fontes    
  Bill Johnson    
Business Administration **** pending      
Chemistry Thomas J. Whitfield Retired Spring 2008    
Computer Studies Donald Paquet Kay Johnson
Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Doug Pettis    
Dental Health Programs Donna J. Medas Patton Kathy Gazzola
Engineering & Technology John Mowry    
English /Drama Michael Burdon      
   Denise Parillo    
  Sasha Ruggieri    
  Karen Griscom      
  Marc Levasseur      
Foreign Languages & Cultures Carol Panaccione   Libby Morais  
Human Services Jerry M. Hatfield    
Library Faculty Jim Salisbury Cathy Poirier
Mathematics Department vacancy 3/11/2011    
  Bob Melucci    
Nursing Barbara Bradley    
  vacancy (Rosemary Costigan) 11/2012    
  vacancy ( Allie Cullen) 11/2012    
  vacancy(Joslin) 5/12/2012    
  Margaret Clifton    
  vacancy (Marge Norquist)  PAC rep    
  Thomas Folacrelli Donna Scally
Office Administration Department Mary Ellen Gelinas Sarah Cichon
Performing Arts Department Ted Clement    
Physics Department Paul White (replace Tom Keefe) 5/12 Pranab Banerjee
Psychology Department Art Little    
Rehabilitative Health Programs Kim Creally-Rouillier    
Social Sciences Department  Carol Patnaude (replace J. Hatfield 9/13)    
Elected at Large - May 2012 Renee Anderson    
  Kevin Crawford    
  Tony Rashid    
  Debra Lilli    
  Joseph Allen    
  Jean Billerbeck    
Political Action Rep Marge Norquist    
Parliamentarian Doug Pettis    

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