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Kathleen R. Walsh


Learning is Power, and it should be enjoyable. I can appreciate the difficulty in going to school and working at the same time having maintained a full time job while obtaining a Master's Degree. I am also a mother of two, and I know how demanding that can be. I respect all that a student goes through to get to class, and to get their homework done, and I try to make that time worthwhile.

The Introduction to Computers course is a 3 credit, 4 hour a week, 15 week course. During the summer semester, we meet twice a week for only 7 1/2 weeks. Its purpose is to introduce you to the various software programs that are currently popular with business and personal users today through lab assignments. You will become familiar with the Windows operating system, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint, Email and Internet browsers. In addition, you will be introduced to the various components of a computer system and should understand enough to make an educated purchase if you should choose to or to maintain or upgrade an older computer.

Other Courses
Introduction to Windows is a 1-credit, 5-week course that meets for 4 hours a week. Its purpose is to introduce you to the operating system, to understand how to manage your files, to work in a multitasking environment, and to share information between files or applications. It is project-based, which means the grade is based primarily on computer assignments, with one quiz.

Introduction to Word 2003 is a project-based course that meets for 4 hours a week for 5 weeks. This course covers beginning techniques like page setup, formatting text, and continues to cover adding art, bulleted lists, columns, etc. This is a very comprehensive course for an introductory course! The grade is based 100% on the assignments turned in.

Intro to Computers
Knight Campus
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Rm. 2114

Intro to Computers
Flanagan Campus
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Rm. 2632

Intro to Database Software - ACCESS
Flanagan Campus
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Rm. 3638

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Please leave a message at one of the following locations, and I will return it as soon as possible. If you need to speak with me ASAP, try leaving word with Donna in Warwick, and she will get the message to me.

  • Lincoln Lab: 333-7180
  • Lincoln Department Administrator (Lorraine): 333-7139
  • Providence Faculty Dept (Pam): 455-6064
  • Warwick Department Administrator (Donna): 825-2155
  • Home Phone: You don't really think I'd put that out here, do you?

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Computer Problems??

If your computer is freezing up and running badly, you are probably experiencing the effects of Spyware and Adware, or a more serious problem with viruses. There are several great TOTALLY FREE programs that you can download and install and run to get you back on your feet. Here are some links:

  • Microsoft's Free Anti-Spyware - This is a Beta version, which means they are offering free while they test it and perfect it. It may be costly later on, but grab it now while it's hot.
  • Lavasoft's Ad-Aware - another great spyware remover that's free.
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